Community Watch

The purpose of the Community Watch is to work together with the Cary Police Department to reduce and prevent crime in Oxxford Hunt. The Cary Police Department is providing us with tools and training to help keep our community safe. Check out the crime data map by going to and clicking on the Crime Data link. Training for the Community Watch groups has included Gang Awareness and Crime Stoppers seminars. The Crime Stoppers program is completely anonymous (no caller id) and pays for leads that result in an arrest. The payment for a misdemeanor is from $100 – $500 and for a felony up to $2500. You do not have to appear in court. Call 226-2746.

Please keep valuables in your house and not in your car and keep your car locked at all times. Larceny from motor vehicles (misdemeanor) has been our most prevalent crime. The other top crime in Cary is theft from garages (felony). Congratulations to Oxxford Hunt residents for keeping this crime from our neighborhood. Please report any crime in progress to 911.

All other suspicious activities should be reported to 469-4012. Having a police officer come down your street can prevent a potential crime. Recently, some neighborhoods in Cary have reported thefts during the day. If you are home during the day, be aware of any activity on your street that is out of the ordinary. According to the police department, thieves will check first to see if anyone is home. If you are alone and do not feel comfortable answering the door, don’t. If you do answer the door, ask the person for a business card, solicitation permit, and name. Call the police if the person is suspicious. To be added to the Community Watch email list,  contact the Community Watch Group.