OXH Pool Opens May 5!

Important Pool Dates Below! Mark your calendars now!

First day pool is open: Saturday May 5!

Weather permitting, 10am-8pm.

Read the Pool Rules First!

Pool ID Sessions (clubhouse or pool) – as needed for new residents:

  • Sunday April 15th 1-4pm
  • Saturday May 5th 10-noon
  • Thursday May 24th 5-6:30pm
  • Thursday Jun 28th 6-6:30pm
  • Thursday July 26th 6-6:30pm

Swim Team Registration (at clubhouse):

  • Friday March 16: Meet & Greet Adult Social and Registration for new or returning families
  • Sunday April 15: Registration & swim suit fitting (team is open to eligible residents ages 4-18)

Pool Holiday Parties, organized by OXH Recreation Committee, concessions run by Swim Team

  • Monday May 28: Memorial Day Monday September 3: Labor Day party
  • Wednesday July 4: Independence Day
Everyone who enters the pool must be a current eligible OXH resident and have a valid Pool ID.
Q: My family got a Pool ID last year, what do I do this year?

A: Attend a Pool ID session IF you forgot your Pool ID number, IF any person has moved in or out of your OXH household, or IF a child has changed age-categories since last summer. If you know your Pool ID# and no changes have occurred, sign-in at the pool with your existing Pool ID and swim!

Q: Who needs to get a Pool ID made this year?

A: Eligible residents who never got one last year, new residents to OXH since last summer and children who have changed child-age-categories since last summer (e.g., child just turned 10 and can now enter pool alone). Pool IDs cannot be made or altered without an adult resident presenting a driver license with an OXH address and ID form (on reverse side) at an ID Session.

I own an OXH property, but do not live there. I have tenants renting the residence, what do I do?

A: Give the renters a Pool ID form ASAP! Persons who you, the owner, have listed as current renters with Omega Homeowner’s Association (HOA) may obtain a Pool ID. The first step is making sure your renter information is current with Omega. No IDs are issued without this having occurred. If you, the owner, do not live at an OXH address, you do not have pool privileges at the OXH pool.

For More Information:

Thank you to the OXH Recreation Committee, for the great Pool Improvements done over the winter!

  • non-skid surface around pool edge
  • re-caulking the whole pool deck
  • replacement of broken pool tiles
  • acid wash of pool bottom to remove algae and stains
  • repair of cracks in the pool bottom surface
  • replacement of worn pool furniture