Newsletter: Pool Info April 30 2012

Below is a recap of the email newsletter sent to the neighborhood on April 30th 2012 regarding the pool. Please make sure to subscribe if you are not receiving this information via email.

Hello All,

Next weekend our pool opens for the 2012 season and we wanted to let you know a few things.

First, we are very happy to say that most of you had your pool IDs made last year and did not need redos or changes, so your ID numbers are good again this season. All IDs are kept at the pool, you only need your ID number to get in. We also have an ID list by street address up at the pool every day, in case you forget your number. If you still need to make changes, please come to our next pool ID session, this Saturday from 10am until noon at the pool. The pool is open to current OXH residents only. Policies concerning guests can be found on our website under 2012 Pool Rules (note: there have been no rules changes since last season).

Oxxford Hunt’s Board has determined that Pool IDs will be revoked for anyone more than 2 months in arrears for their monthly association dues. We will be adhering to this throughout the pool season. Please discuss any issues regarding this with Omega Management.

You will note that we have made some improvements to the pool deck during the winter. A new grey, non-skid surround was installed and all the joints were re-caulked (which is a big and expensive job). Please DO NOT place ANY chairs onto the new surround. All chairs are supposed to be at least 6 ft from the pool edge at all times by Wake County ordinance.

We had to throw away 19 damaged lounge chairs and a few tables this winter. New furniture has been ordered and should arrive soon.

As is every year, if your child is 14 or under, they will need to pass a deep end, swim test to be in the deep end this summer. This goes for all children, even if they passed last season.

On every hour, the pool closes for a 10 minute break. Only adults 18 and over can be in the pool during this time. This is the time for children to take a rest break, visit the bathroom to avoid accidents and for everyone to make purchases at our Swamp Shack – named because its proceeds benefit the OXH swim team, the Swampfoxxes!

We have had a few questions about the pool opening a week early this year. The Board signs a 2 yr contract with our pool management company and the pool calendar is set at that time. We try to keep a minimum number of days open that might be good weather-wise, while also dealing with the fact that high school and college schedules keep us from staffing the pool any earlier or later in the season or daily until traditional calendar is out. The weather is often fickle and never predictable. As many of you remember, we have had seasons where it is 110 degrees in May and ones where it is too cold to get in the water until June – not that this stops the kids!

We are happy to report that most of our guards are returning this season. These kids actually request to work for Oxxford Hunt, hopefully due to our family-friendly atmosphere. That is something that the Pool Team is proud of. We hope that everyone treats them with respect and friendliness this summer. While at the pool, they are in charge of the safety and well-being of all there. DO NOT TALK to the guards while they are on duty in the chair! This goes for kids and adults. This is a serious safety problem. We like to be able to employ neighborhood kids as they get older as well! This is not the case in most neighborhoods so we take it seriously.

In closing, in case you are not familiar with the Pool Team, besides our pool management company (American Pool) and Omega Management, our on-site team is run by volunteers from the community. We are always happy to have new people help us so if you are interested, please let us know.


The Pool Management Team

Amy Eischeid, Leslie Welch, John Malko, Robert Campbell

PS We are working hard to have WIFI at the pool this season. We expect it to be working next weekend but please be patient if it is not.