Pool Update as of June 2, 2017

Work has been progressing at the pool. We had an electrical inspection this morning. Unfortunately, we did not pass. Apparently, new guideline decisions were made sometime yesterday or this morning by the electrical inspectors which now requires some changes be done before we can pass.

Work will be started at the pool today to complete those changes. The pool’s lights will be reinstalled, the pool will be filled, the additional requirements (as they stand now) will be met, and another inspection will be requested.

Unfortunately, we do not have control over when inspections occur. We have to wait for the electrician to schedule the inspection and then for the electrician and inspector to meet on site to complete the inspection — and then of course, we must then pass that inspection before we can move to the next steps.

Once we pass that inspection, concrete will then need to be poured and set and then a health inspection must be scheduled and passed before we can open.

So what does this mean?

Unfortunately, it means we will not open this weekend. And we most likely will not be open during the week next week. We are hopeful we will be able to open next weekend assuming the weather continues to cooperate, the electrical guidelines do not change again, and we pass all the inspections.

Thanks again for your continued patience and understanding with this very frustrating situation. We will follow-up with more updates when we have them.

OXH Pool Committee