Pool Update

Dear Neighbors,

It is with great regret that we have to send this message, but it looks like we will not be opening the pool this weekend as we had hoped, and the exact opening date of the pool for this season is still in question. We know many of you are frustrated (we are as well!) but unfortunately things are out of our direct control at the moment as we’re at the mercy of others.

Here is a brief recap of what has happened:

– Our pool management company (Triangle Aquatics) informed the Oxxford Hunt Board in October 2016 that electrical work may be necessary due to the tragedy that occurred at the North Raleigh pool last summer.

– At that time, the understanding was that Wake County was deciding on what electrical requirements/guidelines to put in place for pools, and that these guidelines would be available in the new year.

– The decision was made to not proceed with any work until we knew what the County would want, to avoid unnecessary or redundant work (for example, pulling up concrete, making corrections, filling concrete, only to have to pull it up again once the requirements were decided).

– When the guidelines from the County didn’t materialize as expected, Oxxford Hunt followed the lead of other pools in the area and began the work anyway (based on their previous understanding of what Wake County had been discussing); of course by this time all the area pools were in the same situation of trying to contract with the same limited group of pool-certified electricians, inspectors, and concrete workers.

– The scope of repairs, in general, includes cutting open the deck and replacing copper bonding wire and ladder anchors, to prevent the water from being electrified as at the North Raleigh pool. Based on the repair time for projects like this around the Triangle area, from the time the work began at the OXH Pool, there was plenty of time to complete this project before our original opening date of 13 May.

– Once the work had begun however, our electrical contractor began to learn from local inspectors that the scope of work at Oxxford Hunt MAY require the pool undergo a full electrical inspection by the city – a step that had not previously been communicated to electricians. Work was therefore halted by the electrical contractors until they could get some definitive answers as to what was now going to be required by city electrical inspectors.

– The city electrical inspectors, we have been told, met this past Tuesday (23 May) to discuss how to address the questions that electricians were asking them and to discuss how to handle the increasing number of inspection requests that their new policy is generating.

– Once the city inspectors tell the electricians how to proceed, the electrical work can be finished, the concrete poured for the railings/ladders to be reinstalled, and the County inspection can proceed.

– Unfortunately we are in a holding pattern with city inspectors, and so as of today we do not have any definitive information for you regarding when the pool repairs will be completed and inspected.

Please know that we are working hard with Triangle Aquatics and doing everything in our power to get information from the electrical contractors and city inspectors so that we can finally have this work completed and get our lovely pool back. We apologize that we can’t bring you better news, but will keep you informed as we learn more.

Thanks again for your patience, and please let us know if you have any questions.


The Oxxford Hunt Board