Town Of Cary Votes YES on Chickens – Our rules still PROHIBIT them

On August 23, 2012, the Town Council voted to approve a new ordinance allowing chickens on residential properties.

A summary of this new ordinance is located here: Link to summary on Town of Cary Website

PLEASE NOTE: Farm animals are prohibited by the covenants governing our community.  The Town of Cary Chicken Ordinance does not change this, in fact in the summary this is stated:

If Cary Allows Me To Have Chickens But My Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Does Not, Which Rules Do I Follow?

Homeowner Associations (HOA’s) have private authority to regulate the structures and uses permitted within a neighborhood. Whether or not Cary permits them in your zoning district, if your HOA prohibits chickens, you are not allowed to have them. Or if your HOA has more stringent rules, then you must follow those rules instead. You should contact your association or Management Company for that information.