General Pool Information

Guest Policy

A guest of an OXH resident may visit the OXH pool accompanied by the resident and pay applicable guest fees ($5/guest weekends and parties).


Everyone who enters the pool must be a current eligible Oxxford Hunt resident and have a valid Pool ID.

Pool ID Information

A current Pool ID is required for entry to the pool. Having a Pool ID system for allows us to maintain pool access for residents while restricting access for non-residents.

OXH Pool IDs consist of a number code assigned to each residence in the neighborhood. At ID sign-up, we will take photos of the home’s residents, which will remain in the pool check-in system. When you visit the pool, tell the guard or attendant on duty your Pool ID number, and they will verify your photo against that ID. We do not have physical cards or keys for access, and you do not need to bring a photo ID with you to the pool for check-in.

If you do not have a photo on file, you will need to access the pool with a resident who does have a photo on file. If you are a resident and you do not have a Pool ID, you need to attend a Pool ID session to have one created, or access with a neighbor who does have an ID on file (although you may be charged guest fees on weekends/pool parties, as lifeguards and attendants cannot verify residency at check-in.) If you have questions please contact the Oxxford Hunt Pool Committee.